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I am looking to get a couple of feature requests some feedback and up votes, so that BPMOnline can see there is a need to improve the calendar display.

If you agree with the following two feature requests I posted, can I ask you to LIKE this post and the two posts, so we can demonstrate these are features that BPM should implement or for a partner to create an extension.

Calendar Navigation



I have been having serious issues navigating around the calendar, which means it is both an unpleasant and inefficient process.

The following are suggestions on improving the navigation within the activity calendar display:

1. Add left and right arrow links to allow navigation to previous and subsequent periods of time. For example if looking at a 7 day period, clickin gon the right arrow will take you to the following week. Standard calendar navigation stuff!

2. Also I work often in a week view, but having the 7 day option means that space is taken up by 2 days (weekend) unnecessarily, so adding a 5 day (work week) option will improve this.

Screenshot sample:


Colour Coding of Entries


Feature Request

User based colour coding on the activity calendar

When adding users, automatically give each a different colour border.

The current use of colour to indicate priority or past due, can be incorporated in another method; Title bar or text colour.

Images attached (to original post, link above) showing current issues and suggested change


Thanks for your support, as these features to me are essential to efficient usage of the Calendar display function within BPMOnline.

Mark Roberts


These would be great improvements +1

Ryan Farley,

Thanks for voting. I am really hoping to get this area improved for everyones benefit.

Dear Mark,

I forwarded all suggestions you created to our R&D team so they could consider enhancing the following functionality in the upcoming releases. Thank you for helping making our application better! 

Best regards,

Angela Reyes,

Thanks Angela. I had a session with our Customer Success rep who stated that this was not going to be a feature that is on the roadmap for any time soon. This is why I am posting this up, as I would like to demonstrate that customers are not using the inbuilt functionality within BPM due to the lack of basic features such as the ease of navigation and visibility of different users when multiple user calendars are displayed at the same time.

Please vote up!

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