Calendar Navigation Improvements


I have been having serious issues navigating around the calendar, which means it is both an unpleasant and inefficient process.

The following are suggestions on improving the navigation within the activity calendar display:

1. Add left and right arrow links to allow navigation to previous and subsequent periods of time. For example if looking at a 7 day period, clickin gon the right arrow will take you to the following week. Standard calendar navigation stuff!

2. Also I work often in a week view, but having the 7 day option means that space is taken up by 2 days (weekend) unnecessarily, so adding a 5 day (work week) option will improve this.

Screenshot sample:





Dear Mark,

Thank you for your ideas! We have registered the following comments as a suggestion for our R&D team and they will consider implementing it in the upcoming releases.

Best regards,


Is there any update on this feature consideration?

With the calendar display being such an important function for a lot of users and critical for companies like ourselves who need to be able to schedule engineer resources, we are desperate to see improvements in the display and navigation within the calendar display.

Mark Roberts,

We forwarded your request to our R&D team. First task is currently under consideration and the second task is added to the backlog. This functionality will be added in the further releases.

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