Enable NULL in number columns

Currently, the default value for Integer and Decimal columns is 0 and it is automatically applied if no answer is entered in the field for a record.  There are many instances where it is important to distinguish between no answer and a number answer.  For example, building an inspection questionnaire it's important to know if a measurement was zero or skipped.  Please enable NULL answers in Integer and Decimal columns.


Dear Janine,

I'll inform our R&D team about this issue and suggest them to implement it. Thank you for helping us to make our application better!
As a workaround you can use allowZerovalue: true parameter to allow zero values

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Angela Reyes,

I'm not sure what allowZeroValue does or how to set it.  I'm not trying to prevent someone from entering a zero if that's the appropriate measurement.  I'm trying to enable not entering any number in a number field.  Otherwise, I have to set the field to required, then provide another column, something like a Not Applicable checkbox, to represent when the number field should be interpreted as blank and use a business rule to make the field not required when the checkbox is checked, which is a very cumbersome workaround and adds a lot of unnecessary data to the database.


Did you find out how to do it yet? I have the same problem.



Nuno Gonçalves

Nuno Gonçalves,

The only alternative is to have another field, for example, a Boolean, to indicate that 0 is the desired answer.

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