Implementing Multi select lookup

I have created one section with the name of Courses and added one lookup for selecting the contact. For this lookup, I need to implement a multi-select lookup. Can anyone please guide me?



Hello Nagamani,

This question was already discussed in community post: so you can simply use the solution from there.

Also there is a base realisation of multi-select in "Customer" field of an "Opportunity" page so you can simply review the logic that is used for that field and simply apply it to your custom lookup.

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Thank you Oscar Dylan. 
But, Where I can find that lookup.config?

Nagamani Dangeti,

You need to develop one using Academy article here and LookupMultiAddMixin mixin.

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Actually, What I am asking is Can we implement a multi-select lookup for a field in the section?

I have one section. In that, I have created one lookup field. For that lookup field, I need to implement multi-select lookup.


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