Regarding Multi select, Autocomplete, and Autoclean lookups

I have created and added detail with the name of Company Fleet to the Accounts section in the studio instance. I have added different types of fields like Make (Lookup), Type (Lookup), Model (Lookup), Fuel Type (Lookup), Purchase Date, Purchased From  (Referencing to Accounts). I want to implement Autocomplete and Autoclean for Make and Model Fields. I also want to implement Multi-select lookup in bpm'online. Can anyone please guide me?



Dear Nagamani,

Please check the following articles for the functionality implementation examples.

Autocomplete or autoclean for lookup fields:

Multi-select lookup:

Hope you will find it helpful!




According to the release notes for the upcoming 7.14.4 release, the multi select functionality is finally coming to BPM.

"You can now create details with multiple values (connection of “many-to-many”) using a separate junction table. For example, multiple values are available for selection in the [Activity results] lookup."

Is my reading of this correct, in that a single field will support multi choice selection? If so I simply cannot wait for 7.14.4 to be applied to our instance.

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