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I have been trying to install bpm'online on localhost (Windows 10). But, MicroSoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 is not supporting in windows 10. So, I was unable to move to the next step. Can anyone please help me?



Can you elaborate on the error you get? 

Hope you are following the instructions given in Also make sure that Web Server IIS and Windows components are enabled and installed.

I have tried bpm'online installation in windows 8.1. I have done all the steps which are there in the bpm'online academy. At last I got below error.


Kindly check if you have created an IIS APPPOOL\databasename in Microsoft SQL server Management studio

Ideally once the "Restore Database" is complete, and in IIS when "Add website" action is done, an Application pool is created. Please make sure that the Site Name is the same as the name used in Microsoft SQL server Management studio, where the Restore Database is done. 

In Microsoft SQL server Management studio, Security->Logins->New login
Provide the login name as IIS APPPOOL\Your_db_name. Also check if the Server Roles tab inside the New Login has all server roles tick marked except "bulkadmin".



The error description tells you what is the reason - you cannot connect to SQL database using parameters specified in Connection.String.config file when trying to login to the application. It is as a must to use database administrator user in Connection.String.config file (please read about it here). Seems that your user is not a database administrator with full access rights. Also you need to specify Windows administrator system user login parameters (with domain name) in "Identity" parameter of IIS application pool settings, recycle pool and refresh the application and if everything is set properly - you will be able to login.

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Thanks to all for your quick response. I have installed bpm'online on localhost.

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