Actual Response & Resolution Time | Exclude Non-Working Hours

Currently in the case section, actual response time gets filled in automatically when the case moves to in progress. Similarly, actual resolution time gets filled in automatically when the stage is resolved. They INCLUDE weekends and holidays right now, so if a case gets created on a Saturday, it looks like the actual response time was two days since our office is closed until Monday.

Is there a way to exclude non working hours and have those fields only calculate based on business hours?



Hello Mitch,

To achieve your target you need to use "Working days" value for "Response/Resolution time unit" in "Services" section. Here are Academy references that describe how to set those values properly here, here and here.

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Oscar Dylan,

Thank you Oscar, I may not have explained my problem very well. I am looking for a metric that is 'actual response time' minus 'case registration date'. I want to show the difference between those two columns as Days:Hours. 

I understand I need to either set up a metric in the section wizard, or calculate the metric using a business process. 

For example, if a case is registered on a Friday afternoon, and gets put 'in progress' on a Monday morning, my metric should say a couple hours instead of a couple days.

I will continue searching for a solution, any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


Mitch Kaschub,

Got it. In this case I would advise you to create a business process like on the screenshot It is being triggered upon status change to "In progress" and reads this case record in "Read modified case" element. The main idea is in conditional flows of a process:

1) "Case was created on a Friday afternoon?" flow should check if the incident was created on a Friday afternoon and should contain this formula

DayOfWeek([#Read modified case.First item of resulting collection.Created on#]) == 5 && Time([#Read modified case.First item of resulting collection.Created on#]) >= [#Time value.12:00#]

The process will go to a next step if it is true and if it is not - it will be terminated and base logic will work for this case record.

2) "Case status was changed on Monday?" - here we need to check if the status of this incident was changed on Monday. It can be done with the help of the next formula:

DayOfWeek([#Read modified case.First item of resulting collection.Modified on#]) == 1

And if it is true the process will go to its final stage of actual response/resolution time modification, but if it is false - the process will be terminated. The last process element modifies "Actual resolution time" and "Actual response time" columns and we need to use following formulas, for example:

[#System variable.Current Time and Date#].AddHours(3) - for actual resolution time

[#System variable.Current Time and Date#].AddHours(1) - for actual response time

You can also modify this process based on your needs, but the main logic here is to use date/time functions and modify needed columns in such a way.

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This is fantastic! Thank you so much Oscar Dylan!


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