Adding Additional Sections to Portal

Based on this article it does not appear that it is possible to add additional sections to the portal workspace, but I thought I would check with the community to verify. Is there a way to add the Changes section to the portal users workspace? Or could a changes detail be set up in the Cases section page and the portal users be given access to that? Any other possible solutions?



Dear Mitch,

Unfortunately, there are no basic tools in the application to add more sections to the self service portal page except for the base ones. Our R&D department is already aware of similar requests, therefore, the option to add more sections is planned for a future releases. Feel free to track the upcoming releases with updated features here: 

As for now you can add the sections only with the help of the development process. You can insert the available sections via the sql query.
The portal configuration instruction for a custom section is described in the community article. You can refer to it:

Apart from that, it is possible to add the required detail on a case page for a portal users. To do this, go to the workplace settings, choose Portal and open Portal Cases section page designer  There you can  add the Changes detail and it will be visible on a portal case page

Hope the solution will help you out. 


Thanks Dean Parrett,, is this possible for cloud solutions? Would I use the SQL query console app from the marketplace?

Dear Mitch,

Sure, you can install this app from the marketplace and run all necessary queries described in the articles.


Thank you Dean!

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