Adding Product image in Product Selection page

How can we add a Product Image in the Product Selection page in the [Orders] section? Please suggest.



Dear Anupama,

This is a quite complex functionality to implement, which requires developer's skills. In the core, the idea is to add one extra column to the grid of product selection page and display product image there.

In order to add extra field to the grid you need to do the following:

1. Add the ProductSelectionViewModel replacing schema

2. Copy all the code to the replaced schema from the parent schema

3. Add Dependencies as in the parent schema

4. Add a custom variable in all methods where the standard fields "Unit, Price , Currency, Tax, Code, Available" are

5. Save the replaced schema

6. Add the ProductSelectionView replacement schema

7. Copy all the code to the replaced schema from the parent

8. Add Dependencies from the parent schema

9. In the getEditableGridConfig and getGridCaptionConfig methods, add the custom field for the picture

 10. Save replacement schema

By the means of basic JS methods like "getImageURL" (it is also present in the ProductSelectionViewModel schema) insert image to the  column. You can also take a product page as an example of usage of image functionality.

Hope you find it helpful.



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