Business Process access grant printable for some ROLE

I create business processes for printable documents. where if the data is selected accordingly it will display the appropriate document file for each role.
why read the data cant be running. 


here some SS.

I need some advice

thank you.

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Apparently the access rights weren't specified due to the filters being set up incorrectly, or there is no record fitting the filtering criteria,

It isn't quite clearly how the filters should be set up since your configuration, customization and the data are unknown. First you need to check if these filters are capable of finding at least one record in Print Document object:

You can also simply re-distribute the access rights by Title here since you probably have only one printable with such title:

You can also fire an email to with more description so support could provide you with more information/guidelines.

You also want to make sure the object is managed by records, so check the object permissions section.


Chairul anwar,

It seems you are trying to set up access rights for printable by the record opened. The access rights are not working in a such way, though. The user will be able to see the printable despite the record being opened if he has read rights, or won't see the printable anywhere if he has no read rights.

Such logic can only be implemented by additional developing. It should be similar to the way business-rules work, Filtering by value of the field and either hiding or displaying the printable option.




areyou have some example for it? value on session can hide printable.

Chairul anwar,

Unfortunately could not find similar cases, or any example.


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