Change TimeLine tab order

Hi community, good afternoon.

My client asked me to move Timeline tab in Opportunity page to another order, however, it keep showing in 4th place, even showing in Section Wizard on the order we need.

Image removed.

Any thought? Thanks.



Dear Danilo,

Firstly, in order to check the changes, please clear browser cache. Since page settings are stored in browser cache, there may be a situation, when every time you open the page, old cached settings are displayed, instead of new ones.

If this won't help, please open OpportuntiyPageV2 in Custom package and check the indexes of tabs in diff section. You can set them up in accordance with your need (starting index 0). Here is an example of how to modify your tab in diff, in order to move it:

        "operation": "move",
        "name": "NAME",
        "parentName": "Tabs",
        "propertyName": "tabs",
        "index": 2



Hi Anastasia, thanks for your answer.

However, it seems Timeline tab is not added as the other tabs. I saw that Timeline has its own package also and it seems to me that there is a hard coded index for this tab, since it is always index = 3 by default in all pages (Contact, Account, Leads and Opportunities).

Don´t know if reordering Timeline in bpm´online is an available option.

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