Custom Page Schema retrieve selected record id of lookupedit field

Hi Community,

I have a custom page schema with two fields a text field and a look up field. Any idea how can I retrieve the Id of the selected record from the lookupedit field? I tried below syntax but it is not working:

var UsrGender = Page.LookupEdit1.Value;

Custom Page:


Process and Source Code



I can search for the information on how to do that, but it's terrible obsolete. Please specify why you need that thing. Please consider creating the same functionality on JS. This way you'll find much more documentation and it will be much more comfortable for you to work with it. 

Eugene Podkovka,

Hi Eugene, thanks for your reply. We are using custom page schema because we have a requirement to fully customize a screen and i think it is achievable using custom page schema.


Fulgen Ninofranco,

It doesn't explain the reason. I recommend to use JS for all visual customizations. 

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