Data import Limit

Hi Community,

I have 3 questions concerning to Data Import:

1 - Is there a file (Excel) size limit when importing Accounts (for instance) or any other object data?

2 - If there is a size limit, how are we able to increase it if needed?

3 - Does this limit apply to imported attachment in object such as Leads and Opportunities?




Dear Danilo,

File limit depends on amount of lines in the file. According to the stated requirements, the maximum number of imported lines in the file should not exceed 50,000. 
This is the amount at which the file is imported without any issues. As a workaround you can import file in parts or you can implement your own import using the web service Data Service or using OData.
As to your third question, please specify what exactly do you mean? Which attachments are you referring to? 

Angela Zigler,

Hi Angela, thanks for your answer. 

Concerning to third question, I am refering to the Notes & Attachments tab in Account/Contact/Lead/Opportunity. Do this have a limit?



It is impossible to import data in attachments and notes using Import from Excel functionality. Import to Attachments cannot be performed because files cannot be imported via Excel and data cannot be imported to Notes since this is a system column.

Angela, Thanks for your message.

I was referring to the actual attached file. No need to covert into data. Does it have a size limitation?


Danilo, indeed there is size limitation for attached files. It is set to 10 MB as a default value but it can be adjusted in [Attachment max size] system settings. There is no MAX value so it is limited by amount of free space in your database. 

Angela Reyes,

THanks, Angela. That helped me a lot...

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