Delete data with import?

Hello, is there a way to use a file import to delete records? For example if we want to extract a large data set to excel, then go through that to find which records should be deleted, can we then import those records to delete them in bpm?



Dear Mitch,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete the records in this way. If you want to delete some large data set, you can do it either using a SQL query or make up a business process that will delete a lot of data that meet some particular condition. 

Here are some articles on how to delete data via a business process or just might be useful;:……

Note, that we do not recommend to delete a large mount of data since the records might have the connections to some other records in the system. Deleting such records might have negative impact on the application performance. 

Hope the resources will help you out.

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Thank you Dean.

Dear Mitch,

You can do it in another way. All records that were imported in the application are tagged with a tag that specify a date of import. You can find all records that were imported using this tag, choose them all via "Actions" -> "Select all" and delete them.

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Great tip Oscar, thank you!

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