Display Process Description

Is there any way to display Process description from process settings in the Process Library using Select fields to display?



Dear Janine,

When we open process settings of a business process there is no process description that can be read there (please see screenshots,,, Also if we take a look at the VwProcessLib table in database (that is responsible for information on business processes in Process library) there is also no process description field.

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Here is the Process description field in settings:

Janine White,

Unfortunately the value of this field is stored in SysSchema table and there is no way to connect to this table using filtering tool when selecting fields to display in Process Library since the table that stores information on business processes, as I mentioned before, is VwProcessLib. I will create a request to our R&D team so they could make this field accessible from Process Library. Thank you for helping us to make our application better!

Best regards,

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