Dynamic Objects

I wonder if objects can be created Dynamically in BPM i.e. I want to create objects at runtime based on some conditions.. How I can do so?



Dear Mohamad,

Can you please tell us your business target and why do you need to create objects in the application dynamically?

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I currently need this concept in 2 places:

1) I have server functions that return a certain object to the client side and these objects can return different properties depending on some conditions. So what I want to do is to create fields and labels that correspond to the returned object.

2) At runtime, I am receiving several inputs that decide on labels. Although in this case the object can be created normally before the runtime and at runtime we can change the attributes, but doing so is making it a bit hectic since we have many changes to do. We want to be able to do it generically

Mohammad Yahfoufi,

Unfortunately, bpmonline has no functionality to create dynamic objects. We recommend to use separate objects with different set of fields.

But, if the set of properties is clearly defined you can create object that will contain all that fields and simply leave empty some of them and then check on the client side what properties are empty or not to recognize it and then process the object in some way.

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