Emails to case contact after change the contact goes to the original contact email, no to the new one

If I create a case to an specific contact, and later I change it to another one, because this last one is the guy we need to contact to case issues, bpm'online continues notifying the first one no to the new one.

How can I change this logic?




This is out-of-the-box logic of the application, so that notifications on incidents go to contacts that were firstly used in this incident and we do also have a problem registered on our side regarding changing of this logic. Our R&D team is currently looking at this problem and I guess there will be new logic implemented in one of future releases.

Therefore unfortunately there were no practical examples of this logic change and you need to change the email account in the email sent to case contact manually.

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Oscar Dylan,


Thanks Oscar,

When you say "...and you need to change the email account in the email sent to case contact manually" I understand each time I send an email I must to change the email manually?, if not where must I change the email account?

Thanks again

Julio Falcon at...,

You need to change email address in the "To" field of the email. When you click on the "letter" button in actions dashboard you create new email and in case section this "To" field is filled with the email of the first contact of the incident. That's why you need to change "To" field value manually.

Hi Oscar, we have customer with same problem to be resolved, exist some news about some R&D resolution offered in last version released. If not, despite manually change "To" field when we use dashboard buttons, exist some workaround (maybe using some business process or similar) to resolve that need, mostly when notification to be send was automatically?, Thanks

Ernesto Bianchi,

Hello! Unfortunately there are no news about this functionality to be implemented. And I am not sure if the it can be implemented with the help of the business process since this logic of editing "To" field in cases activity dashboard is a core logic. But I will inform our R&D team about your question so to raise the priority of this problem!

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Oscar Dylan,

 Ok, thanks!, In understand that not possible to made automatically using active dashboard button, but if we associate some process to notify actual customer case by mail (ie.: when case status change), instead of use active button, is possible to use in process email object customer actual email and not original mail asociated?

Best, Ernesto

Ernesto Bianchi,

In order to achieve your business task, you will need to add customization to the out-of-box functionality. This requires developing skills.

The functionality responsible for the Recipient field value is spread through several schemas, being configured in the EmailsSearchMixin schema.

Therefore, if you want to override the basic logic, please consider adding a modified basic functionality to the replacing CasePage schema. Particularly, the publishListenerEmailData method. There you need to modify the "EmailData", which is received so to set needed email.


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