Encrypted System Value into process

While building process I'm trying to set parameters for "Call Web Service" element.

As a value I'm trying to insert encrypted system setting:

When I'm trying to do so - formula returns validation error:


If not possible to do with formula is there is a way to set Process parameter and update this value via script task. I'm not familiar with C#, any help appreciated.

Please assist. TY




System settings with the "Secured text" type are not being transmitted to the client (browser). This process is controlled by the "UseSecureSettingsOnClient" flag in the Web.config configuration file of the bpm'online application. Their values can still be set from the client (browser). So by default you are able to work with "encrypted string" system settings only on server side.

So, if the use of this system settings in business process is necessary you should set "UseSecureSettingsOnClient" flag to true and restart IIS.

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Hey, Alex.

Thanks a lot for your help, it's been for a while.


So, Is it possible to work with <Encrypted String> in script task, and FWD all data to Web Service Element?

The Case is: I would like to store token information, in order to process communication with Web Api Service, but still, I would like string to be forbidden without turning off security configuration.

TY and looking forward.

Val Safronov,

Yes. It's possible. 

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