Going back to the main page after finishing a process

Sometimes after finishing process I land on a process page (especially if it's an entity edit page that was opened in a process step), although no process is running, so those pages have no function and are confusing. Can I have more control over the place where I end up after finishing a process? Can I just set it to the main page?




Unfortunately as for now there is no possibility to set the page where the process should finish at (what page you will see after the business process execution) with the help of the system setting or lookup. If you start your business process from the section then the last page would be this section (if there are no redirects and all the logic of BP regards this section). You can also run the business process from the page and the land page would be the page from which the process was started (again if there are no redirects). There are also cases when pages open while execution, as you've described and you will be land on the last page due to the logic of business process. We will suggest our R&D team to implement this new functionality in future releases, so there could be a system variable or lookup which could define the land page after business process execution.

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Oscar Dylan,

I noticed this method in CustomProcessPageUtilitiesV2.js:

onCompleteExecution: function(response) {
	if (response.CompleteExecutionResult <= 0) {

And I changed it to:

onCompleteExecution: function(response) {
	if (response.CompleteExecutionResult <= 0) {
		window.location.href = '/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx'

It seems to work but of course it reloads the whole page. Is it possible to use Terrasoft.Router to navigate to a selected page? Is there documentation for Terrasoft.Router?

Carlos Zaldivar Batista,

To avoid the entire page load and just redirect to the start page you could use this:

this.sandbox.publish("PushHistoryState", {hash: "IntroPage/EnterpriseIntro"});


Ryan Farley,

Thank you very much, it works.

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