Hide contacts section but allow reading data from another object

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I have configured permissions managed by operations, in which I restrict reading to contacts for certain roles. That brings me problems when reading contact data from a business process, even though it gives permission to the contact from the process, the reading does not work. How could I hide the contacts section without losing access to them from another object?

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Dear Ezequiel,

If your goal is just to hide the contacts section but you want to get the ability to read the contacts information for all users, you can try to delete it from the General workplace so that all employees won't see it and restore the read operation permissions to all system users.

System designer -> Workplace setup:
You can add this section to any other workplace and manage the access rules to it or create your own to fulfill your needs.
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Hi Lily!

Thanks for the reply. I delete the section from the General workplace and restore the read operation permissions to all system users. How could I hide the link to Contacts from the main page?





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Ezequiel Gómez

Dear Ezequiel,

To hide the link to the section from the main page you need to go to the Configuration, replace SimpleIntro schema, copy the code from the original schema to it and apply the necessary changes to the code. Specifically, to hide the link to the Contacts section, you need to comment the following code part:

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