How to add an attachment to an User Action process element?

I'm creating a business process with an activity for our shipping department to ship a product to a customer.  I'm using the Perform Task process element, and I'd like to attach the pick slip that was generated from our accounting system.  

Does the activity exist before the "Perform Task" is executed?  If so, how do I identify the Task ID to attach the document?  



Perform Task have parameter Task ID (code: CurrentActivityId) After this element you can get this parameter and use this value to attach the file


Dear Bob, 

You can add the document to the activity in activity itself. You need to add Document to connected to ("+" button), read it in a separate element in BP and add to activity.

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The key difference is that I want to attach the document before the Perform Task activity.  One of the inputs to the task (shipping a product) is the document (pack slip).  

I could always create an activity and attach the document to the activity, but then I would need the end user to perform that activity before the rest of the process is completed.  

Bob Walters,

The activity for process task doesn't exist until the process comes to the perform task element. If you use Connected to the document is added as the task is created. However, if you want to attach the document earlier you may use add data element and add activity manually, or use pre created activity, read it and attach the document. 

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