How to pass a value from a Script Task to a Subprocess?

I'm trying to pass a Guid from a script task to a subprocess.

Here is the entire process: 

The code of the script task is:


var pipelineId = Entity.UsrPipelineId;
//pass pipelineId to GenerateUBOPositionSubProcess
return true;

What would I have to write? The subprocess has a parameter defined that is named PipelineId (



You can set process parameter in the script:

Set("PipelineId", pipelineId);

That sets the parameter for the process that contains the script task, but not for a subprocess that is further down the line from the script task (see the first link I included), I thought? Or do processes and subprocesses share parameters?

Dear Jonas,

You can use this coder to pass the value:

UserConnection userConnection = Get<UserConnection>("UserConnection");
IProcessEngine processEngine = userConnection.ProcessEngine;
IProcessExecutor processExecutor = processEngine.ProcessExecutor;
var nameValues = new Dictionary<string, string>();
int parameter1Value = 100;
nameValues["parameter1"] = parameter1Value.ToString();
processExecutor.Execute("UsrProcessCustom", nameValues);
return true;

Best regards,


Thank you. I will start testing this today. 

Now I need to know how to get data back from that process. Is that possible?

Dear Jonas,

You can try to add another element in your subprocess and use the same script to pass the values back to the parent process. 


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