How to remove marketing Youtube video from System settings page

Please assist to remove BPMonline marketing Youtube video from System settings page



Dear Ganesh,

Theoretically it can be done, but it can be achieved only via development.

This video is located on the Intro Page and the name of this object in configurations is IntroPage. This schema is locked so you'll need to unlock it to apply changes. In this schema you should find a record regarding the YouTube video block and you should remove it or comment. And after that save the schema.


Thanks Oscar,

May I have more details on this or if you have a sample code

Dear Ganesh,

There is no code for this, it is done by commenting the correspondent block in the schema. Also I should admit that this is a basic logic of the system and it is not recommended to apply changes to the Intro Page or System Designer page.


Oscar Dylan,

Many Thanks

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