How to setup filter on dynamic folder in Knowledge base using tags

I created a KB article and added a corporate tag called Sales.  I created a dynamic folder call Sales Doc and what to only show KB articles that have the tag "Sales".

The filter criteria does not seem to work.

How do you specify that you want the tag -has- "Sales" in the filter criteria of the dynamic folder?



Dear Brian,

Basically you can filter the records by tag using 2 ways - special button Tag and filter.

Simply click on Tag and start typing the name of your tag.

Or add filter by object [Knowledge base record tag (by column Object)], add tag=SelectTag.

If you want to find all records having tag that contains certain text in the name you can use Tag.Name. 

Here are 3 ways mentioned above -

With best regards,





I could not find how to set the object to "exists", so I selected Count > 0 and did this:  

Works real nice. yes

Hello Brian,

It is possible to set the filter the way you did, though just for your information you can use 'exists' by clicking on 'count' directly.


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