Implement a “Maximum number of daily periodical editions” integer system setting, set its value to 5 (five).

Any one guide me how i can implement it by business rules or business process ? any other method ???

Perform verification whenever a user adds or modifies a daily periodical edition. If the total number of active daily editions exceeds the system setting value (see item 5), saving a record should not be permitted. Instead, bpm’online should display a message informing that the production capacity is limited and no more than “N” daily editions can be active at a time, where “N” is the system setting value. 

Implementation method: handlers in the JavaScript code of the edit page with applying the client ESQ and validation mechanism



Hello Muhammad!

The way how to achieve this: create your own object where you will store information about editions of objects for each user. After that, you should create replacing client module where implement methods that will get info about editions of object from the database via esq and compare it with system setting "Maximum number of daily periodical editions".
Please note, that system setting will be the same for every user.

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Thanks Alex I have created Object where I can add or edit the records in Periodical Edition and also created system settings " Maximum number of daily periodical editions " default value is 5 . but replacing client module is not clear me can u elaborate it ?


Muhammad Attique,


You should create replacing client module exactly for the page that you want not to be accessible for editing regarding to the system setting. The idea is to compare system setting when page opens in "onEntityInitialized" method. Then you may made controls read-only or just prohibit saving of the record.

Queries to system setting:

Hide controls:



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