Keeping an approver from approving himself


I made an approval process and I  set the approver which role, after I set  functionnal  role .

Is it possible to do that if someone belong to the list of user in my functionnal role, he does not receive the approval notification if he is the one who is calling the process?

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According to the system logic every user who belongs to the role that you choose as Approver will receive a notification. I have registered your request for our R&D team to include the ability not to receive the notification if you belong to the group of approvers. In case you use the Approval process, it is presupposed to be approved by some manager who has a higher rank than you, for example. If you want to send the approval to the same group and not receive the notification, then you need to think of the functional or organizational roles to be created in such way that you will be excluded from it. 

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Thank you for your answer.


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