Lead nurturing - How to do it in an effective way?


My question is related to Leads management. 

I would like to find the best way to nurture our leads. 

We currently have many leads, that are at the "nurturing" step. I mean that those leads were detected, with a "need maturity" set on "suscpected", for example. Those lead were created as some prospects showed an interest, as for exemple by downloading some documentation about our services. 

This doesn't signify that these people are "ready to buy". Then I'd like to be able to target them and send them some more documentation and to have their "need maturity" automatically updated accord to their behavior. 

For example: 

-a prospect open one of marketing email and click on the link contained: "push" the "need maturity" from "suspected" to "confirmed"

-a prospect open one of our email and then visit our website many times, set the "need maturity" to a new stage.


My final goal would be to have an automatized way to work on my leads, and that once the "need maturity" reach a designed step, such as " Sales-ready", then set the "Lead Stage" to "Handoff to Sales".


I didn't found any documentation about this, or about the best practices about lead nurturing with Bpm'online. 

Any help? 





Dear Jacob,

Could you please describe more detailed what exactly must happen to lead so it could gain "confirmed" maturity? Do you mean certain actions? 

Hi Angela,


For example: 


  1. Somebody download a content related to a service we are selling on our website. For this, this person need to provide them some information.  —> A lead is created with a need maturity « suspected ». 
  2. Some time after, I’d like Bpm’online to automatically send to this personne a mail with more information about this service. If the person click on the link included in this mail (in order to access an article or page with more information about the service), then the lead maturity is set to the next step (Discovered or Confirmed). 
  3. If this person don’t click on this email, then send an another email some days after with a content pushing other features of the service, in order to achieve the same goal. 
  4. After some days, send this person an another email, with some other content, if the content is read, then set the lead to « Very interested). 
  5. At any step, if this person click the link « I would like to get a demonstration » or « I would like to get contacted », then set the need maturity of the lead on « Sales-ready ». 


Some other « triggers » could be used in order to set the need maturity to a new level, such as visits on some pages of our website. 


Hope this answer help and that a solution exist! :-) 



Jacob Grabowski,

You may set this using campaign functionality, however some additional settings are needed to be done. In order to do so you can create a contact based on lead with certain values filled in. Contacts with those values will be added to a folder. Campaign will take contacts from this folder and will start sending emails. Using this same campaign you can track if participant opened/clicked something from the email and set campaign actions accordingly. In order to connect campaign actions to lead and change lead steps automatically you can modify contacts that are added to campaign and then start a process that will change lead stage. For example if contact received email and clicked on something campaign sets custom checkbox "I am interested" to "true". regular business process that has a start signal on "contact record changed" and " checkbox "I am interested" to= "true"" is started and this process finds a lead that is connected to this contact and changes it's status. 

Best regards,

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