Limiting what Accounts Portal Users Can See

Hello, we want portal users to have read only access to the Account column on the Portal Cases Page. However, we don't want them to be able to go to the main portal section list page and be able to open a filter menu that shows all of our Accounts in the system. 

Is there a way to limit which accounts will show up when a portal user clicks filter and Accounts in the portal case section list page?


I believe changing access rights to the account object to "manage by records" would work, then we could give portal users access to only the accounts we're ok with them seeing, but this sounds like a cumbersome solution, so are there any other suggestions? Anything easier?



Dear Mitch,

The solution for your task depends on which account do you want to show - will it be a static list of specific accounts or is it dynamic list? 

You may use business rules for account lookup to filter what records it will show.

Best regards,

Angela Reyes,

It would be a dynamic list, our portal users are Strategic Partners who have multiple accounts under their umbrella. If a new account gets added to that Strategic Partner's umbrella, the portal user should have access to see that account. For example, we have 1200+ accounts in our system, but the portal user should only see about 100 of those accounts. This number could change as clients come and go.

(However, a static list that we would have to manually update would be better than nothing.)

For the business rule, does that work for the filters on the list view in the main portal case section? I thought business rules only worked on the portal case page on a specific column. I did not know it could be used on the list view of all case records, is that possible?

I was able to answer my own question. The business rule only worked on the account page, it did not change the options in the filter on the Portal Cases section list view:

However, with the SQL console app I was able to use a query to remove all portal users access to account records I don't want them to see. Then I changed the "manage by records" default settings so portal users don't get access to any more accounts unless I assign it manually.

delete from sysaccountright where sysadminunitid = ‘(id of portal user)'


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