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I am trying to open a new record of a existing custom object using Pre-Configured Process element. I am able to load the card schema when the process runs but when I save it, it closes the form and i can see a record saved. But in the Process log, it is still running and in an infinite loop.

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How can i get the ID of the record running in the Pre-configured page? I want the system to run a set of activities after it save the record. I am not able to use Edit Page process element as it gives me the below error:

"Terrasoft.Core.LicException: Cannot add more than 1000 records to table "ActivityParticipant" in demo mode".

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.


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Dear Anupama,

This error indicates that you have added more than 1000 records to the ActivityParticipant object in the demo mode. As this limit is reached, the system cannot add more records to this object so that the process cannot be completed. You need to delete some records from this object to test your process in demo mode.

Best regards,


Dear Lily,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Since there are some in progress activities which has some participants connected to it, how can I remove the Activity participants records without affecting any task and I am not sure which participant's task is currently active. 

Appreciable if you can share the steps on how to do it? 




Dear Anupama,

You can try to delete some completed or any other activities that you do not need so that the Activity participants should be also deleted for those records. Please try to deal with it in this way. 

Best regards,


Let me reframe this question, will deleting activities remove the participants from activity participants object? 

Please let me know as it is bit confusing for me now?

ok. great. I guess we both commented at the same time. Sure let me try to do the way recommended.


Dear Anupama,

Great! In case you have any other questions, feel free to ask. 

It worked. Thanks Lily.

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