Portal User Roles

Hello, is there a way to use organization roles or functional roles with portal users other than the generic "all portal users" org role? For example if I want to use a business process to change access rights to one group of portal users, but not another group?



Dear Mitch,

As for now it cannot be done with the help of application tools, but we have a correspondent problem registered to our R&D team so they could implement this functionality in one of future versions of the application. I will notify our R&D team about this question from you so to raise the priority of the problem. Thank you for helping us to make our application better!

As for now you can use this SQL-query so to add org.role for portal users:

insert into SysAdminUnit (ParentRoleId, Active, ConnectionType, SysAdminUnitTypeValue, Name) Values (N'720B771C-E7A7-4F31-9CFB-52CD21C3739F', 1, 1, 1, N'Portal Org Role')

Where "Portal Org Role" - is the name of role you want to add.

Best regards,


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