Pre-configured page translation

When I create a process and a pre-configured page in this process I get two sets of language resources: one for the process and one for the page. Page resource files contain translatable strings for all the UI elements on that page. Process resource files contain translatable string for the process: things like parameter names, step names, etc.

I wanted to translate my pre-configured page, so I edited and translated all the strings. It turned out it had no visible impact at all, the page was still entirely in English. Only when I translated process parameters connected to the page UI elements, the page got translated. Why is that so? What's the purpose of page translation files if they don't seem to have impact on the UI?



Dear Carlos,

I do not understand about what you are talking. Translations for business processes are located in Translations section. Could you add some screenshots to clarify your point?

Peter Vdovukhin,

The Translations section seems very unintuitive. There are a lot of strings there that I'm not interested in translating, cause they're not even visible to the user and I don't know how to find those that I'm interested in. I tend to write translations in translation files directly (like Those files get created along with their schmas - for example if I create a pre-configured page UsrCustomPage I get a schema in MyPackage/UsrCustomPage and translation files in MyPackage/UsrCustomPage.ClientUnit

You should read this topic with subtopics to find out how to use the Translations section. Just filter by the key contains [name of business process] and you will see all the data you need. After that open the first row in a separate window using special button, translate it and click Next to open the next string to translate. Then just click “Apply translations”.
Since you are using File design mode you could not apply translations when did a half of a translation job.

Peter Vdovukhin,

I'm sorry but it's not very helpful. First of all filtering, by "key contains [name of business process]" includes a lot of strings that don't need translation (process step names, flow names, process parameter names, etc.). But that's beside the point. What I meant in the original question is that the page translation strings seem to have no impact on anything. I'll give an example: I have a process step named PreconfiguredPageTranslationTask and it is connected to a page called UsrClientUnit1. I translated all the strings for the page UserClientUnit1:

It has no impact on the page:

I then translated a process parameter connected with PreconfiguredPageTranslationTask:

It has impact on the page:

So the effect is the same as when translating the resource files directly. Back to my original question - what's the purpose of the page translation strings if they don't seem to affect anything?

Hi, Carlos.

I see. The thing is that UsrClientUnit1.Parameters translations are used during editing this page in the business process.

Before translation:

After translation on Russian:


Peter Vdovukhin,

Ok, thank you very much for the explanation. To be honest it seems confusing, I wish there was a clearer separation between translation strings that the average user sees and the ones that appear in the designer and only developers see.

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