Printing documents based on entities without sections

Is it possible to create a printable for an entity without a section? I looked into source code of ReportService and it seems it should be possible to generate documents for this kind of entities (either by C# or by calling the service from JavaScript) but I'm unable to define the printable, because the wizard allows me to choose only sections as the template source of data.

What I'm doing now, is creating dummy sections where I copy data from the my normal entities, just for the purpose of defining a printable. I hope there's a better way.



Dear Carlos,

Indeed, you can create a printable without a section and call it by custom development. However, there is no way to add such printable without a section to the printable lookup. 

Therefore, in order to use printable lookup functionality you need to create a section based on the object. You may hide it from all workplaces, so it won't be in the view, but just exist in the configuration for printable purposes. 

Nevertheless, we are grateful for your comment, as it is a idea for the product improvement, which will be transferred to our developers team for their revision.



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