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I have a requirement to setup BPM'Online in production in an on-premise setup for 100-300 users. I went through the documentation of system requirements for 100-300 users. I have a few questions.

1) Would we need to procure licenses for Microsoft SQL server? Are there any other licenses that we need to procure for any other software component involved in the deployment?

2) Are there any best practices that we can use from a deployment architecture perspective?

3) Is there a docker solution readily available to horizontally scale each of the application components independent of each other? Has it been tried out before in production in any of the implementations? Are there any best practices while using docker in the context of BPM'Online?

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Dear Amanthena,

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. In general, the bpmonline licenses are required for using particluar application functionality. As for the software for local deployment, bpmonline doesn't require any licenses. If you are using free Microsoft SQL server software, the application can be deployed without any difficulties. 

2. You may just refer to this chain of articles on how to deploy and set up your environment. It is more than enough for successful application deployment

3. As for now, unfortunately, we do not have any docker solutions. Most possible reason for it is that we already have cloud option for the application deployment.

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Thank you for the info, Dean. Regarding point no. 3 in your comment, sometimes customers would not want to go on cloud citing data security reasons. For such customers, would it make sense to consider a deployment solution on-premise that would make it easy to manage hardware, mainly from a scaling perspective? While exploring Docker as a solution for this, would we have to be aware of some limitations/nuances of the BPM'Online framework that could hinder progress? In the context of Docker, can each of the application components in BPM'Online be horizontally scaled independent of each other?

Dear Amanthena,

We do not have any experience as well as documentation on how to deploy the environment using Docker. Basically it could be possible to deploy the environment using Docker, but since we have no such a solution, we cannot guarantee that the process is going to be successful. If you have any active subscription, you may approach our support team via and request all necessary files for the website deployment. Using them you can try to deploy the application and be the first who find a solution to this question.

Best regards, 


Thank you, Dean!

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