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I created 3 diferent pages on "Case" section and when i search for a case in the search box on top of the page, it always opens the information in another page.

For example: I have 3 pages: Transports, Civil responsability and Vehicles. Then I create a case: 'Case 1' of the type Transports. When I search for it on the search box it appears the right information of the case but in the Vehicles page.

PS: I'm not using default page in any of the 'Cases'.

Is that a application bug or am i doing something wrong?




Hello Nuno,

Seems that you've faced one bug of the application that can be easily fixed. Here is step by step explanation on how to do it:

1) Case pages differs based on the value of some field. For example "Case category" field. You need to find how is it named in a database. To do it you need to go to section wizard, find this "Case category" field (, open its settings ( and see its name in the DB ( In my case it is "Category".

2) You need to execute this query:

select * from SysModule where Caption like '%Case%' and ModuleHeader = 'List of cases'

It will return one record. We are interested in the value of "Attribute" column for this record. It should be empty. And you need to fill it in with the value of the name of the object which is used to determine page layout in the DB (from step 1).

update SysModule set Attribute = 'Category' where Caption like '%Case%' and ModuleHeader = 'List of cases'.

3) Once query is executed - re-login to the application and the issue should be solved.

Meanwhile our R&D team is planning this fix to be deployed globally for our users of the application in one of nearest versions.

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan

Hi Oscar,

I followed the steps you said but in the value "Attribute" it says "Category" and the problem is not fixed.


Nuno Gonçalves


Try to compile the application after it is done. It should also help, but if not - please email us at and provide us with the link to the application where you've faced the issue.

Best regards,


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