Single Invoice for Multiple Orders for a particular month

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I have this requirement of generating single Invoices for Multiple Orders placed in Specific month.

I understand that in the Out of the Box feature, BPM'Online supports in selecting multiple records and generate invoice but it generates that many number of Invoices. In other words, if I select 7 Orders using Multi-select in Orders Section and select the Invoice, it has downloaded for me 7 Invoices which is not what I would need.

Is there a way to loop through the selected Order record and generate Invoice which includes all the selected Order details.

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You can do it via printables. DevExpress printables allows downloading data for multiple records. Set-up any DevExpress printable, turn on "show in section" button, select multiple records and print them. It will create a single file with data from all selected records. 

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I have not tried this, but it should be possible in a Business Process.  Initialize the invoice, Order is not a required field.  Loop through each order and add its products to the invoice.  Add anything else you want.

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