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I'm new to BPM Online ,I have a requirement to call SOAP service on save click is it possible through web service action from business process and can i call that business process on save button click and display user friendly Message?

Thank You



Dear Sushma,

Read this set of articles to learn, how to call any webservice from a business process

Thank you. I am able to access with http urls  but I want to access by giving WSDL file so that it must show all the methods in file.And second thing how can i call a business process on save click and display message to end user

If you want to display a message after saving a page, maybe you don't need a business process. Anyway working with SOAP it's a development.

Just add in onSaved() function at your page a call to a function that works with SOAP. There are many javascript code examples in the Internet, that use wsdl and connect over SOAP

Peter Vdovukhin,

I am getting cross domain error while calling web service from Javascript. I am calling XMLHTTPRequest and created soap request and sending the request in the Xml format. I want to know is there any way we can set access control allow origin header?

Dear sushma,

This behavior should be set at the site where webservice is hosted. This error comes from a browser that manages response from the called webservice and expect to get such header as


Thank You Peter Vdovukhin,

I want to handle in javascript if possible . Presently i can call test service in cross domain from client side using

Dear sushma,

I do not see any question related to development in bpmonline. 

Hi Peter Vdovukhin,

I tried to implement in client side but without CORS header seems i can't achieve and in service provided by client they won't provide CORS header. Is there any work around for calling soap web service ? client has provided  WSDL document for SAP service.

Then you really should create your own configuration service that calls a SOAP service. Then you call your service when you need it. The complete example how to create a configuration service and call it from client you may see here

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