Template Email Subject on Cases changes automatically


I created a email template with a custom subject ([#Account#] - [#imdPedRamoSeguro#] - [#Number#]) but when the email is sent the subject allways changes to "RE: + Case Number".

How can I change this default value?


Best Regards,

Nuno Gonçalves




The subject line is formed with the help of hard-coded macros that belong to the base system schema EmailMessagePublisherPage. Regardless of the displayed template subject, the base logic works and the macros is populated using the case subject value If you want to change this logic you need to replace EmailMessagePublisherPage page and after that develop new logic, but unfortunately we don't have a practical code to share.

Our developers will add the option to change the subject in one of the further system versions, indeed, though there is no ETA for it yet. At the moment to change the subject you can change the case subject itself on the case page.

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