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Hi, can you tell me please how can I get the Products from the Detail in Opportunities Section to be shown as a table in MS Word Printable? I have created MS Word printable, then I have set the connection column between Products and Opportunity, entered all necessary parameters. Now I have downloaded a printable form from Opportunities and it is clear that all fields except the Products part are working correct, but the table of product show only first Product from the Detail, but not all of them. How can I see all Products there?



Hi Vicky,

You just had to fill in the 'Tables of Printable' detail in the printable record:

It looks the same way I have set it up, but it shows 1 record, not all of them. Let's say I have 5 Products in the Opportunity, but the Printable show 1 for me. How can I see al of them?


If the Printable was set up as it shown on the screenshots above, you will see all the Products connected to selected Opportunity in theb List. That will happen as you set the Column for Connection between Detail and Section Objects, in your case 'Opportunity' and when you try to get the printable for selected Opportunity system looks at its Id in the database and uses it for filering table 'Product if Opportunity' by this OpportunityId. All received records will be shown in the table. In case if you can't identify the reason what could be set up wrong, please send an email to support team, and they will help you.


Hi, how if the detail have detail. is there any possibility to show data from that detail of detail in the same Word of printable ? Thankyou

Dear Grace,


Unfortunately, at the moment there is no option to accomplish the task using the printables. We have the suggestion registered already, though, and we will consider adding the option in one of the further releases.

Dear Grace,

I have contacted our R&D team and they'd informed me that the option will be available after 7.12.2 releases. 


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