I developped a package, which I try to import on another instance of bpm'online.

In this package, I created an object (by creating a section). It works perfectly, but when I try to import this package, I get a sql error: 

The UPDATE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK..." in "dbo.SysModuleEntity"

This constraint is related to the SysModuleEntityId, but I cannot figure out how  to fix it.

In my package, I have all schemas used, and I also have a 'data' containing the link to my section

Thanks !


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I am trying to overide the Opportunities "Buyer Name" behavior to only search for the Contact and not the Account records. 

I have found the schema and object (I believe) in OpportunityPageV2 that is responsible for this behavior, but everything I have tried does not seem to want to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make this work?




Dear Philip,

You have found the correct solution by yourself. You need to replace the schema and change the following line:

"multiLookupColumns": ["Contact", "Account"]

Only contacts should be left there for you to accomplish the task.


Lisa Brown,

Hi Lisa, 

I did change "multiLookupColumns": ["Contact", "Account"]" to "multiLookupColumns": ["Contact"]" but that did not give me the outcome I was looking for. 

Do I call something other than "multiLookupColumns"? 

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I've installed the plugin for MS Word 2013 64 bits ok, but after I selected the printable form the table with the fields doesn't appear to select the fields.


Any help?





Hi Ulisses! 

Did you defined what printable fields you'd want to have on your printable in the Lookup named "Printable"



Philip is right. This can be connected to the fact that the columns for the template are not set in the Printables lookup yet. Before setting up the template in Word, please follow these instructions:

After that please set up a template in Word as it described here:

If it is not the case, please describe your issue in more detail along with the screenshots. 

Best regards,


Philip Wierciszewski,

Thank you for you help, Philip.

I had already done it.



Lily Johnson,

Hi Lily,

Thanks for your help.

The problem was related with the  "MS Word printables setup wizard" from Marketplace.

After install it the problem occurs.

I tried to manage reports with a new demo version and before install the  "MS Word printables setup wizard" every thing worked perfectly, but after install it, the same problem happened.

I think it could be useful to other, in the same situation.





If you installed the app or add-on from the marketplace, please check the support email. In case the developer is set as bpm'online, please send an email to

Best regards,


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Hi community!

How are you?

How can I apply a rule only if a condition is met? In this case, if the logged-in user has the CASACENTRAL organizational role, the rule does not apply, otherwise the rule will apply

"UpriNino": {
      FiltrarRegionNinoPorRegionJI: {
            ruleType: BusinessRuleModule.enums.RuleType.FILTRATION,
            //autocomplete: true,
            autoClean: true,
            baseAttributePatch: "UpriRegion",
            comparisonType: Terrasoft.ComparisonType.EQUAL,
            type: BusinessRuleModule.enums.ValueType.ATTRIBUTE,
            attribute: "UpriEstRegion"


if the user has the CASACENTRAL role, there should not be any filter in the UpriNino field

I hope your can help me!

King Regards




Dear Ezequiel,

Check the manual from our SDK that provide the examples of setting up the conditions for the business rules -


Dear Lisa,

Thanks you for your response.

In this case, the rule type is "FILTRATION". I don't have the possibility of set a conditions array for decide if the rule apply or not. Is that so?

How can I do it?

King Regards,



Dear Ezequiel,

There is no option to configure if the rule is applied based on the conditionn. You can add the JS-code to the page schema that will accomplish the same task as the business rule. You can find the example of such code in the SDK and then customize it by adding the current user role check. 


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