Hello Community!

I'm trying to set up a default quantity when the ProductSelectionSchema is loading the products. 

In what function need equal the value?






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I have an object linked to others with foreign keys. Before deleting a record, I need to delete every record connected. At the moment, when I try a record used in another table, it shows me an error (I cannot view the details).

I am trying to used the "Before deleting record" in my object properties, to delete everything linked to it. 


But I cannot understand this process designer. 


I need to do something like that:



I cannot figure out how, for example, InvoiceProduct are deleted when we delete a Product...




Dear Jean, 

The in-build business processes support only script tasks and signals placed in an "event based gateway" area.

Please use the in-build business process in the "Contact" object in the "Base" package as an example. Please note that you need to throw an intermediate signal if you override in in-build process signal in the "Custom" package.

Please note that modifying the in-build processes is considered as c# development. Errors in the c# code of an in-build business process will lead to errors in the system. 

Please note that the [Cascade connection] property covers your request. However you need to be very careful with it. The [Cascade connection] functionality will delete connected records without notifications and you need to make sure that the system will delete only needed data.…

Thanks Eugene, the Cascade connection property resolved my problem !

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Is it possible to remove or somehow disable processes that are in "Run process" context menu according to some conditions? For example, I'd like to disable a process on section page and allow it on edit page but only if the object has a particular status. If it's not possible - how else can I achieve similar functionality?


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We recently discovered a tip to select multiple record in a row, but for some reason it doesn't work on all our servers.

The 'Maj + Click' shortcut, to select all records between 2 rows, seems to be desactivated somehow. Is there any parameter to enable it ?




Thanks !



Dear Jean,

The option was added in the last system releases (7.12.1), so it is not available in all the previous versions. Once the system is updated to 7.12.1, you will be able to quickly select the records using the combination there as well.


Thanks you Lisa, its effecticly working on our 7.12.1 server !

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How could you set up a parameter in the Business Process designer to display: 

- the 15th Day of the Current Month  (Output = Date) 

- the 15th Day of the Next Month   (Output = Date)

I ve tried a few ways but had not luck. Help would be much appreciated! 






It depends on the purpose of the designed business process. If you want to filter something you should add condition like on the screenshot and specify exact date. For example 15.06.2018. And you will get the result for this day. The same one is for the next mount. If you want to build formula you should specify condition like on the screenshot If it hasn't helped please describe the idea of the business process that you are creating.

Oscar Dylan,

Oscar Dylan,

Hello Oscar, 

Thank you for your reply, but I need the parameter to have a formula to calculate those dates rather than I specify it: 

-Process Example: ReadData -> Lead Date (22/03/2018) 

Parameter 1:   DateTime.CurrentMonth(15th Day)  - 15/03/2018

Parameter 2:   DateTime.NextMonth(15th Day)       - 15/04/2018

Does this make sense? Thank you


Have you tried something like this ?

First date: DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, DateTime.Now.Month, 15)

Second date: First date.AddMonths(1)

Jean I have but I get the following error:

Formula value error: Parameter "DateDateTimeUtilities" not found 

I don't really know if you can use it in a formula, but what about a script task ?

DateTime date = Get<DateTime>("LeadDate");
DateTime firstDate = new DateTime(date.Year, date.Month, 15);
DateTime secondDate = firstDate.AddMonths(1);
Set("FirstDateParameter", firstDate);
Set("SecondDateParameter", secondDate);
return true;

with using 'System'

Jean Michou,

Thank you Jean, really appreciate it, I tried but I dont think I know how to get rid of the errors on the script task... Asked support for help in the meantime! 

The following formulas will work

DateTime.Now.AddDays(15 - DateTime.Now.Day).AddHours(12-DateTime.Now.Hour)

DateTime.Now.AddMonths(1).AddDays(15 - DateTime.Now.Day).AddHours(12 - DateTime.Now.Hour)

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