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Hello Community

Can u tell me the brief explanation in additional (configuration page) when i open the Additional (page tab ) .I dont know how to use that page.can u please explain the brief usage about the sections in the Additional.plz find attachment below.

hoping for positive reply.




Dear Manikanta,

Here is the academy article that describes those schemas and provides us with examples of their usage:

You can also find useful information in this academy article:…

To cut a long story short they are used if you want to use the base out-of-the-box schema, but you want to modify existing logic.

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Oscar Dylan,

can u Explain Briefly about this fields (Test Module,User Task,Page,Image List )

Dear Manikanta,

User Task is used to create tasks and it is similar to business processes. The brief description on how to work with this element is described here….

Image List is used to store images in it and the brief description of this element can be found here…

Page and replacing page elements are responsible for storing edit page information for the section they were developed. Information on edit page can be found here…. Page element is used to create absolutely new edit page and replacing page is used if you want to use existing page, but expand it and develop new functionalities.

And as for test module - it doesn't contain any source code and is used just for testing. For example if you want to develop new functionality you can use Test module for code validation and testing of connections to other system entities.

Best regards,


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