Automatic import of leads created from Facebook ad campaigns


In the announcement for 7.12 from April, 2018, it mentions the following enhancement: 

    A connector for the automated import of leads from Facebook ad campaigns to bpm’online

This is from section titled "3. Key enhancements to accelerate alignment" from this article:

How can I find out more about this and how/where it is used? 

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Dear Ryan,

Here is the link to this connector It is a marketplace application and it contains description and installation guide.

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Oscar Dylan,

Thanks for the reply Oscar. It seems a bit misleading that this was mentioned as a feature enhancement for 7.12 while it is not a part of the application itself and instead is a 3rd party add-on (plus has an additional cost). Either way, it might give my customer what they are looking for, I'll pass along the info.


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