Display the attachment of custom page added as detail in mobile

Hi Community,


I have this scenario in Mobile, I have a custom page. I added this custom page as detail in case page. I manage to add all the fields of my custom page using Mobile application wizard->page setup but aside from that, I want also to add the attachment of this page, how can i possibly do this, any idea?



Dear Fulgen,

Could you please confirm if I understood you correctly. You've created an object and based on it you've added the detail on a case page? Now you want to be able to attach the files to this custom detail? Thank you beforehand.

Looking forward to your reply.


Dean Parrett,

Thanks Dean,

Yes Dean, this is what i meant. How can I possibly achieve this?

Thank you so much. 

Is this detail embedded or standard? I mean, this custom page is placed in case page or it has own list, own preview page, etc?

Alina Kazmirchuk,

Hi Alina,

Yes, this custom page is placed in case page.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to attach files to an embedded detail. However attaching the files is possible to a standard detail. So if there are no restrictions to use only embedded detail please use the standard one. Please find more information in the article below.

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