How to filter detail by current Account Country / City

Hello Community! 

I have a client who would like to see other accounts that are in the same country/city as the current account. 



Account A is located in Boston, MA, USA 


and so are Account G, Account J, and Account Y. 


How would we fill out a detail filtered by "current Account Country/City" on the Accounts section/object, so that Account A will have a reference to Account G, and Account J and Account Y because they are all located in Boston, MA, USA?


On the opposite side:

Account G would have a reference to Account A, Account J, and Account Y. 

Account J would have a reference to Account A, Account G, and Account Y. 

Account Y would have a reference to Account A, Account J, and Account G. 



Dear Philip,

Unfortunately, there is no option to create such detail using the standard instruments. 

As an option, you can create a view in the database, add the correspondent view in the system and then create the detail based on it. Please note that you will also need to use the development to filter the accounts (for instance exclude the current account from the list). 

There is an example of the similar implementation in our system. Feel free to check LeadsSimilarSearchResultDetailV2Structure of the Similar leads detail in the Leads section.



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