How to iterate over "Collection of Records" in read data element

Hi guys, I have a doubt on how iterate over a list of records in business process that I'm taking with "Read data" element. In that case I have a "read data" that get all of activities which department is the same I've specified - it is working. Now I need to add data in all of these activities, but I don't know how to iterate over this list.

Any idea?

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There is one way you can achieve a target. You need to create a checkbox on activity page and name it like "Is processed". This checkbox should be not filled in. And the main point here is that you need to create a loop in your process that contains "Read data" element and 'Modify data" element. The process enters this loop by condition that the checkbox is not filled in and in "Modify data" element you also need to fill the checkbox and after that there should be two flows:

1) default flow that starts from "Modify data" and goes behind "Read data"

2) conditional flow that starts from "Modify data" and the condition is that this checkbox "Is processed" is not equal to empty value (is not equal to "Not filled in") so there are no more records to be processed.

The idea is that the process won't stop until all records are not processed and the process can be terminated and will be looped each time for new record.

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Oscar Dylan,

Thanks Oscar, I'm going to try your solution. I'll be back to say if it works, I really think it will.

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