Hoy can I get a rate between two calculated fields for a dashboard?



I am trying to build a leads funnel with the rate conversions. How can i do this? 



Dear Daniel,

The example of the calculations used in Sales Pipeline are provided in SDK here along with the names of the methods that take part in the rate calculation. Feel free to check the examples and use them as the base for your own customization.


Yes. But how can i create it for the led section? 


Dear Daniel,

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no option to add the custom pipeline without the additional development. We are planning to add the functionality in one of the further system releases, but there is no ETA for it yet.

If you need to add the custom pipeline now, you need to apply the changes to the LeadPageV2 schema code. The Sales Pipeline implementation can be used as an example for the development. Please refer to the SDK article and the application code.




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