Lock Lead record from edition

Hi community,

I would like to implement a lock record for a Lead according to its stage. I am trying to implement a Business Rule with the stage (disqualified) as condition, but I can´t find a 'make field read-only' action. Any thoughts?




Dear Danilo,

You can use "make field editable" action for this purpose. So instead of:

If stage = disqualified

Then make field read-only (not editable)

Use the following logic:

if stage ≠ disqualified

Then make this field editable

In this case all stages except disqualified will have fields editable and disqualified will make all field non-editable.


Oleh Chudiiovych,

Sorry for taking so long in answering this. It worked for me and I have the solution in production now. Regards.

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