Message Start Event

In the documentation for message start event, it states:  "as well as object or page event. For example, when you click a button or open a right-click menu, a corresponding message is sent to the process of the corresponding object or page."

Can anyone show an example in the product where this is implemented?



Open [Process library] section list Here you will find many examples

The section folder tree is displayed in the [Process library] section b default. In addition to standard folders, the tree contains folders that are generated automatically, based on the processes currently available in the library.
All standard folder functions are available in the [Process library] section.
By default, the folders in the [Process library] section contain folders that group the processes by the type of their starting event. These folders have unique icons to visually distinguish them from regular folders. These folders cannot be edited.

The folders that group business processes by the type of their starting events are displayed only if corresponding processes exist in the library.

These folders also have automatically generated subordinate folders that further group the processes by their starting event parameters:

In the “Run by object signal” folder, further grouping is done by objects that trigger processes (Fig. 3).

In the “Run by timer” folder, further grouping is done by the timer settings.


I was asking about Message Start Event, not Signal.  I have not been able to find any example in the product where it is used.  I am quite comfortable with Signal and Timer start events, and have used message start events in other products.  i would like to understand better how they can be used in bpm'online.

Message Start Event used in many event subprocesses of objects (Practically in every subprocess of an object they are used. Event processing is implemented on them just inside objects). For example, open the Activity object. from Base Package and go to the additional / open process


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