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Hello Community!
I need filter the folder all (pre filter on load) the idea is show only contacts by specific type in the list but the user can change the filter.

Any idea?



Dear Federico,

We have the great manual on how to add the fixed filter to the section in our Academy -

You can use it as an example. Just replace the FixedFilter by FolderFilter.



Lisa Brown,

The example is working with a date duration and a owner field (LOOKUP). Is it possible to do the following?
1. Filter on a TEXT column.

2. The column is in the linked object. For example, Contact.Account.Name. Assume we are working on the ContactSectionV2

Dear Federico,

Yes, both cases described by you can work:

1. You can work with the text column with help of this filters:

2. This is how you should set up the folder's filter in order to filter by Account.Name:

You can work with almost every type of column (like boolean, text. lookup etc.).

With best regards,


What we asked is a fixed filter instead of advanced filter. I know that by using the advanced filter we can do most of search as we want. On the other hand the fixed filter has its limitation.

Dear Cheng,

Every filter you can build with the help of the advanced filters in the folder/sections is possible to build in the form of the fixed filters. There are no known limitations for the development of the functionality. 


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