WEB PAGE is not displaying?

Hi Team,

 i am  trying to diplay URL in account page.but it not display.

please refer below pic.




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Hi Sureshga. There is no pic in your post. The message says that it was blocked for some reason. Can you upload it somewhere or attach it to the post?


i reuploaded pic.


Dear Sureshga,

The issue may appear if the compilation of the application cannot be completed for some reason. Please go to the System Designer -> Advanced settings and choose to Compile all items there. When the compilation is over you should see the list of the issues that don't allow the system to be fully compiled. You should fix all of them and compile all items again. Once the application is compiled, the field should appear on the page. 

In case you have any additional questions or require any further assistance, write an email to with the URL of the instance you are working in.


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