Is it possible to set up text placeholder for textareas without querying the DOM and applying it manually?



Could you, please describe your case in more details?  Also, any examples/screenshots will be appreciated

Tetiana Markova,

When I have a text field like this:

I want to have some text inside it while the user has not filled it yet, like when using standard placeholder attribute on an input field:


Thank you for your specification.
You need to define "placeholder" property for your element in the diff array. Please, see my example for JobTitle field in the ContactPageV2 schema:
    "operation": "merge",
    "parentName": "ProfileContainer",
    "propertyName": "items",
    "name": "JobTitleProfile",
    "values": {
        "bindTo": "JobTitle",
        "controlConfig": {
            "className": "Terrasoft.TextEdit",
                "bindTo": "Resources.Strings.Placeholder"
            "classes": ["placeholderOpacity"]
You can also find other examples in the base packages.


Tetiana Markova,

Thank you very much, it works nicely.

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Hello community!!

I need apply a style to the left container but don't know who.

The idea is have the label and control align to left on all controls of the container.

Any style to apply this??



Please find the answer on how to add a custom style to a page in the article by the link below.…

Thanks Eugene Podkovka, exist a sample on the system to inherit?

It's not possible to inherit styles.

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